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MILPER Message 16-129 issued on 10 May 2016
Implementation Guidance for the Inherent Resolve Campaign Medal

This message will expire in one year and these changes will be incorporated
into the next revision of reference D above.

Reference A above established the Inherent Resolve Campaign Medal (IRCM)
to recognize qualifying Soldiers for their service in Iraq, Syria, or contiguous
waters or airspace on or after 15 June 2014. The area of
eligibility (AOE) encompasses the land area of the countries of Iraq and
Syria, the contiguous waters of each extending out to 12 nautical miles,
and the airspace above the land area and contiguous waters.

The IRCM shall be awarded to each Soldier in the AOE who, during the
period of award, was permanently assigned, attached, or detailed for 30
consecutive days or 60 non-consecutive days to a unit operating in the AOE,
or who meets one of the following criteria regardless of time spent in the AOE:

Was engaged in combat during an armed engagement in the AOE.

While participating in an operation or on official duties, was killed or
wounded/injured and medically evacuated from the AOE.

Aircrew members accrue one day of eligibility for each day they fly into, out of,
within, or over the AOE.

Soldiers assigned to a unit operating in Iraq, but supporting the unit from
Kuwait are not entitled to the IRCM unless they are physically in Iraq for 30
consecutive days or 60 non-consecutive days.

Additional guidance:
Soldiers awarded the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
(GWOTEM) for IRCM qualifying service between 15 June 2014 and 30 March
2016, in an area for which the IRCM was authorized subsequently remain
qualified for that medal. Upon application, Soldiers may be awarded the IRCM
in lieu of that GWOTEM. No Soldier shall be entitled to both medals for the
same act, achievement, or period of service (i.e., deployment or tour in the
designated operation area).

Effective 30 March 2016, the GWOTEM is no longer authorized to be awarded
for service in Iraq and/or Syria. Soldiers are only authorized award of the IRCM
after this date.

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