Promotion Point System Map

The Promotion Point System Map is one of the most important resources and reference tools you’ll ever have on your journey to E-5 and E-6 promotion.

Think of this Map as your one-stop shop for bringing together the formal regulations and documents into a single and easy to understand view of the entire promotion points framework. In my opinion, you just won’t find this clarity and level of detail in any other single source document or tool.

I recommend you watch this video training a few times to really master the flow of points through the promotion point system. As you become more familiar with the process, you’ll inevitably pick up new details and insights that were previously overlooked.

I also suggest you download and print out the Promotion Point System Map and use it as a handy reference tool throughout your journey to SGT E-5 and SSG E-6.

NCO Success Academy

Pocket Share Drive (PSD)

The PSD is our unique mobile app that helps Army leader’s find a perfect DA Form template solution, through proven examples and a winning framework, so you can quickly submit a proper form while saving tons of time and mental energy.

Watch SGT Josh Maria as he explains more about the PSD:

The Extra Duty Podcast

Hosted By:  SGT Josh Maria