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Military Education Points

Military Education Promotion Points

Now we get into the mother load of available points! Military Education is the one area that every soldier preparing to get promoted to SGT E-5 or SSG E-6 must understand and ethically exploit for every possible point available.

Want some really great news?

There are huge opportunities here and most soldiers wait much too late to begin acting like “Pac-Man” and miss out on gobbling these points up.

Don’t be left behind and miss out on a potential promotion to E-5 in the secondary zone! Be hyper-intentional and start your journey now. If you have already begun, then fantastic and congratulations! Just remember, it’s never too late to get into gear.

Military Education brings a total of up to 200-points, or a whopping 25% of the total 800-point opportunity! Do not miss out on your share of the gold!

Here are a few ways you can get in the game now:

  • Distinguished Honor Graduate (on DA Form 1059) = 40-Points
  • Commandants List (on DA Form 1059) = 20-Points
  • Certain Resident Military Training (80-points Max) = 4-points per week
  • Ranger Qualification Course = 40-Points
  • Correspondence Courses (must complete in full) = 1-point per 5 hours