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Awards and Decorations Points

Awards, Decorations, and Achievement Points

This bucket is one of the most satisfying and memorable areas to gobble up some sweet promotion points. The memories and relationships made that resulted in many of these accolades will endure for a lifetime.

The Awards category provides up to 125-points for SGT E-5 and 165-points for SSG E-6.

These point levels represent about 16% and 21% of the total 800 available respectively. A whopping amount of opportunity here!

There are more than 60 unique awards and badges that have promotion points tied to them. With too many to list, here are a few selected examples to bring some perspective on how easy it is to stack these up and achieve the maximum available points:

Expert Infantry Badge  |  30-Points
Army Commendation Medal  |  20-Points
Army Achievement Medal  |  10-Points
Good Conduct Medal  |  10-Points
Air Assault Badge  |  10-Points
Driver and Mechanic Badge  |  10-Points

With your intentional focus on performance and achievement, you can max this out and move on to other areas in no time.