Army Cut off scores
1. This MILPER message will expire no later than 4 July 2019 or when superseded or

2. This MILPER Message applies to semi-centralized and centralized promotions for
Regular Army (RA), United States Army Reserve (USAR), Army National Guard (ARNG),
and Army National Guard of the United States (ARNGUS) Soldiers.

3. Commanders and Soldiers may request an exception to policy for Professional Military
Education for deployed promotable Soldiers in the ranks of Specialist (SPC)/Corporal
(CPL) through Sergeant First Class (SFC) for promotion to SGT through MSG. In
accordance with (IAW) reference A, requests may be delayed up to one month
(administrative processing) and will not be retroactive. Requests must be submitted and
received within the month the Soldier met or exceeded an announced cutoff score or
sequence number.

Requests received after the requested promotion month, if approved, will not be
retroactive. Requests received after the one additional month authorized will
be returned without action.

4. Instructions, templated Department of the Army (DA) Form 4187, semicentralized
promotion order and semi-centralized declination of promotion appear on
the Enlisted Promotions web page at This
DA Form 4187 must be used and completed in its entirety. Incomplete requests will
be returned without action.

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Promotion exception to policy
Exception to Policy for Promotion to Sergeant (SGT) through Master Sergeant
(MSG) for Deferment of Professional Military Education ...Issued:[21-Sep-2018]...
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