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Source Documents used for Promotion Points

Question: Is the ERB going to be the new sole source document now?

Answer: No. The ERB is simply a generated report that captures what information is maintained in the personnel database. Source documents remain unchanged – and must be produced in order to affect a change to the personnel database.

Question: What about items not listed on the ERB that still provide points such as NCOES achievements?

Answer: NCOES achievements are worth promotion points. In this case, the source document is the DA Form 1059 (Academic Evaluation Report). As Soldiers complete their respective training, the graduation codes in ATRRS will capture those individuals who graduate with honors and ATRRS will feed it to the personnel database – enabling an entry on the ERB and the correct award of increased promotion points. For NCOES achievements that are not updated through ATRRS, Soldiers will be required to bring their source document (Academic Evaluation Report – AER) to their S1 for updates through eMILPO. Although NCOES achievements will not be viewable on the ERB until August 2011, promotion points are still awarded automatically.

Question: Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) – How can I add certifications that are listed under the COOL website towards promotion points?

Answer: You need to go to your S1 and have those documented courses added through eMILPO.

Question: Can the DD 214 and the NGB Form 22 be used as a source document for verification of awards for promotion purposes?

Answer: Yes

Question: This new system may create a problem of proper documentation. Can/should the S-1 shops still ask for proof of documentation and create our own packets?

Answer: It is not required, however, that can be a local policy. Audits will be required, which will require Soldiers to produce source documents. One of the objectives with this change is to greatly reduce/eliminate administrative support requirements. With effective personnel information management techniques – Soldiers will have the right scores because the databases will be updated with the right information.

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