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Army Correspondence Course Codes

Resident courses must be administered IAW AR 350-1, 1 week/40 hours or longer and TRADOC-approved to be considered. To request a new code for qualifying military school training that is not listed in the database, print a copy of the ATRRS course information (course name, course number from the ATRRS Course Catalog ) and submit to your local PAS Chief (BCT/MPD) and ask them to submit a trouble ticket to the AHRS eMILPO Help Desk. If the course is not in ATTRS, then the proponent of the course has to staff it thru TRADOC for approval.  Of course TRADOC is going to validate the POI(s), length, hours, etc and some of these courses choose not to do it, some do and that is why we do have a few Joint Courses in ATRRS.

BLUF:  Until its put in ATTRS, it will not be placed on the ERB/ORB.

NOTE – NEW!!!!
*Added the code list for Correspondence Courses.  Be advised that unless there is a specific code in the Resident Course list that allows for correspondence course/distance learning/non-resident course (such as Sergeant Major Course Non-Resident), DO NOT use a Resident code; instead, all other correspondence courses (not sub-courses) are to be entered in eMILPO using the Personnel Services Sub-module named ‘ACCP/DL/eLearning’ in accordance with MILPER message 10-326.

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