Army NCO Counseling Examples Mega-Pack!

Army NCO Counseling Examples Mega-Pack!

101 Counseling Examples that will reduce your stress, give you back time, and make you a counseling pro!

Counseling Soldiers has always been a challenge for new Non-commissioned Officers, so our team of experienced NCO’s have created 101 Counseling Statement Examples with each provided on DA Form 4856.

These counseling statement examples use the correct format and adhere to all Army regulations. These 101 examples provide NCO’s with the best resource available to produce fast, substantive, clear counseling statements to your soldiers.

Features Include:

  • 101 Counseling Statement Examples in fillable PDF format
  • Each example is done-for-you on DA Form 4856, Counseling Form
  • Access to an exclusive member library to access all of your materials
  • Video training on “How to Become a Counseling Pro!”
  • Quick reference library of 50 curated Army Regulations and publications
  • Only available inside our exclusive NCO Membership
  • Try the membership now at no-risk to you!
  • Other extras also included! 

What topics are in the Mega-Pack?

Counseling Examples Mega-Pack Index of Topics