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Military Education FAQs for Promotion Points

a. New Question: How can I find out if a resident course is worth promotion points?

New Answer: A list is published on the HRC website and S1 Net. ‘Resident Military Training Promotion Point
Yes/No Status’ HRC website -
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b. New Question: How many promotion points do I receive for each resident course?

New Answer: Promotions points are awarded at the rate of 4 (four) promotion points per week (defined as 40
training hours) of military training.

c. New Question: I completed a Soldier Training Course that is listed in AR 350-1, paragraph 4-14c. The
duration of the course was three days long. My S1 will not submit the course into eMILPO because the transaction
requires the duration to be at least one week in duration. How can I obtain promotion points for this course?

New Answer: Soldier Training Courses listed in AR 350-1, paragraph 4-14c must be submitted into eMILPO by
the BN HR or MPD as 1 week or more regardless of the dates on the training certificate. Soldiers will be granted
10 promotion points upon successful completion of each course. No other military training annotated on a DA
Form 87, except those listed in AR 350-1 as Soldier Training Courses, are authorized promotion points.

d. New Question: I gradated WLC/ALC, my BN HR updated my military education on my ERB. Why am I not
receiving promotion points?

New Answer: In order to receive promotion points the following must be listed on your ERB under section VI –
Military Education: Military Education Level (MEL) and Military Education Status (MES) codes must reflect
'WARRIOR LDR/GRADUATE’ and ‘WARRIOR LEADER CRS’. BN HR personnel cannot update the MEL/MES
codes. Refer all MEL/MES update questions to the Military Schools Branch at:

e. New Question: I had my MEL/MES updated yesterday by the Military Schools Branch and my PPW is still not
reflecting my WLC/ALC.

New Answer: Updates from EDAS to eMILPO to the PPW can take up to 11 days to reflect on the PPW.

f. Question: Are NCOES waivers still authorized?

Answer: All NCOES waiver questions should be directed to the Army Human Resources Command EPMD Schools
Branch at:

g. Question: I am preparing to compete for SSG at the next promotion board. The PPW system will not grant me
80 points for completion of WLC, Why not?

Answer: WLC is a requirement for attendance to the SSG promotion board and not worth promotion points.

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