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Army MOS 12R Interior Electrician

The Army uses electricity to do many jobs, including lighting hospitals, running power tools, and operating computers. Interior Electricians installs and maintains interior electrical systems up to 600 volts. Reads and interprets drawings, plans, and specifications. Installs service panels, switches and electrical boxes. Installs metallic and nonmetallic sheathed cable, conduit and special electrical equipment. Installs service drop. Uses test equipment to test operational condition of circuits. Assists in performance of combat engineer missions. Uses test equipment to isolate malfunctions and repairs defects in systems and components. Inspects interior electrical systems/components for proper installation in accordance with National Electrical Code and local ordinances.

Some of your duties as an Interior Electrician may include:
Install and wire transformers, junction boxes, and circuit breakers, using wire cutters, insulation
strippers, and other hand tools

Read blueprints, wire plans, and repair orders to determine wiring layouts or repair needs

Install service panels, switches and electrical boxes

Use of test equipment to test operational conduction of circuits

Cut, bend, and run wires and conduits (pipe or tubing)

Inspect power distribution systems, shorts in wires, and faulty equipment using test meters

Repair and replace faulty wiring and lighting fixtures

Install lightning rods to protect electrical systems

Job training for a Interior Electrician requires nine weeks of Basic Training, where you’ll learn basic Soldiering skills, and seven weeks of Advanced Individual Training and on-the-job instruction, including practice in the installation and repair of electrical wiring systems. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and part in the field. Some of the skills you’ll learn are:

Fundamentals of electricity

Electrical circuit troubleshooting

Safety procedures

Techniques for wiring switches, outlets, and junction boxes

Advanced Responsibilities
Advanced level Interior Electricians provides guidance, supervises and trains other Soldiers within their discipline. As an advanced level Interior Electrician, you may be involved in:

Supervise installation and maintenance of interior electrical systems

Plan electrical system layout using drawings, plans, specifications and wiring diagrams

Coordinate construction planning and advising on electrical construction

Use of testing equipment to isolate malfunctions and repairing defects in systems and components

Inspect interior electrical systems/components for proper installation

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The skills you’ll learn, as an Interior Electrician will help prepare you for a future with building or electrical contracting firms. Some Army Interior Electricians will be interested in pursuing a career as a self-employed electrical contractor.

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