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Army MOS 13B Cannon Crew Member

A Cannon Crew member is an important part of the Army’s success on the battlefield. Artillery teams are used to support infantry and tank units in combat, but also have responsibilities during peacetime. Cannon Crew members work on cannons known as ‘howitzers,’ a heavy artillery machine piece with single-barrel firing capability.

Some of your duties as a Cannon Crew member may include:

Start and maintain wire and radio communications

Identify target locations

Operate self-propelled howitzers, ammunition trucks and other vehicles

Participate in reconnaissance operations

Use computer generated fire direction data to set elevation of cannon tube for loading and firing

Cannon Crew members constantly lift heavy objects and perform strenuous activity for long periods without rest. Being in top physical and mental shape is definitely a plus. Normal color vision is required. This helps by being able to distinguish between Red/Green in order to read color-coded ammunition, maps, and charts.

Job training for a Cannon Crew member requires nine weeks of Basic Training and seven weeks of Advanced Individual Training and on-the-job instruction. Part of this time is spent in a classroom and part in the field under simulated combat conditions. Some of the skills you will learn are:

Methods of calculating targets electronically and manually

Handling ammunition

Operating gun systems

Artillery tactics and battle strategy

Advanced Responsibilities
Advanced Level Cannon Crew members provides guidance, supervises and trains other Soldiers within the same discipline. As an advanced level Cannon Crew member, you may be involved in:

Supervise and direct the construction, camouflage, and defense of the section position

Train, instruct, and supervise section personnel in cannon gunnery procedures and firing

Direct and supervise movement emplacement of the howitzer section

Responsible for the verification of safe firing data

Supervise the handling, storage, accountability, and distribution of ammunition

Supervise the performance of operator, crew, and organizational maintenance on section vehicles

Related Civilian Jobs
While there is no job equivalent to Cannon Crew member in civilian life, the skills you learn such as teamwork, discipline and leadership, will help you in any civilian career you choose.

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