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Army MOS 14S Air Missile Defense Crew Member

An Air and Missile Defense Crew member is a member of the Army’s air defense artillery team using the AVENGER system. The AVENGER system is a lightweight, highly mobile and transportable surface-to-air missile/gun weapon system. It provides mobile, short-range air defense protection against air and land attacks. The Air and Missile Defense Crew member serves as a member of the highly mobile Avenger operations team.

Some of your duties as a Air and Missile Defense Crew member may include:

Prepare, operate and fire the Avenger and Man Portable Air Defense System weapons systems
Establish and maintain radio and wire communications
Assist in maintaining situation maps
Perform target engagement evaluations
Apply infrared techniques to detect and engage targets
Operate ‘friend or foe’ identification equipment
Resupply ammunition
Prepare systems for firing

Air and Missile Defense Crew members must have the physical stamina to perform strenuous activities for long periods without rest. They’re also required to have normal color vision in order to identify color-coded ammunition and to read maps and charts.

Job training for an Air and Missile Defense Crew member requires nine weeks of Basic Training, where you’ll learn basic Soldiering skills, and 10 weeks of Advanced Individual Training and on-the-job instruction. Part of this time is spent in a classroom and part in the field under simulated combat. Some of the skills you’ll learn are:

Methods of computing target locations
Ammunition-handling techniques
Gun, missile and rocket system operations
Artillery tactics

Advanced Responsibilities
Advanced level Air and Missile Defense Crew members provides guidance, supervises and trains other Soldiers within the same discipline. As an advance level Air and Missile Defense Crew member, you may be involved in:

Supervise, prepare and fire of the Avenger/Man Portable Air Defense System weapons systems
Collect and consolidate intelligence information
Process special and periodic reports
Prepare and maintain situation maps
Transmit intelligence and grid locations of incoming targets
Designate fighting positions

Related Civilian Jobs
The skills you will learn as an Air and Missile Defense Crewmember, such as teamwork, discipline, leadership and a strong background in surveillance techniques, will help you in any civilian career you choose.

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