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How to Add and Update Promotion Points

Your Questions Answered:  Adding and Updating Promotion Points With Ease!

1. What is the procedure for Soldiers adding additional points following their board appearance? Once they have been integrated to the Promotion Standing List and affected changes through ERB updates, are there further requirements to ensure that the promotion points are updated?

Answer: After eMILPO and ATRRS updates, Soldier’s should verify their PPW for correct promotion points by comparing their PPW with their ERB and training records. For further assistance, see your BDE/BN S1.

Steps to access your PPW:

a. Soldiers (Private E-1 – Sergeant E-5) can log into the PPW from the AKO website:

b. Under Army Links click on Enlisted Promotions, at the bottom of the screen, check the box left of submit, then click the submit button. On the next screen, click CAC Login or type in your AKO username and password, then click submit.

2. If a Soldier is prior service how would they convert their schools and awards over to fit the new system?

Answer: All items must be added by the BDE/BN S1 or MPD. The Soldier will present the source document for addition to the ERB. Use of a DD Form 214 is authorized for prior service Soldiers. For items not annotated on the DD Form 214, the Soldier must have the specific source document (i.e. Honor Graduate must have DA Form 1059). Promotion points are not awarded for military training courses not listed in ATRRS. Only formal training listed in ATRRS is authorized promotion points. Some other service courses are in fact in ATRRS – promotion points are limited to only those courses.

3. What is the last date you can add items into eMILPO for update to the PPW for the next month’s promotion selection list?

Answer: The 8th of the month is the last day points may be updated in order for points to be considered for the next month’s promotion selections. If the 8th falls on a weekend or holiday, you would either need to input on the last duty day prior to the 8th or work the weekend to input on the 8th. However, you should continually add entries to the ERB as the Soldier provides  documentation. There is no “window” for updating the ERB.

4. Can Command List Integration (CLI),formerly ALI, Soldiers add points?

Answer: No, CLI Soldiers will have to appear before the promotion board first in order to add promotion points to their record.