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MILPER Message 16-161 issued on 10 June 2016
Procedural Guidance to Update Civilian Education Information
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1. This MILPER message is effective upon release and will expire NLT 10 Jun 17.

2. This message announces new procedures for all unit S1s, Military Personnel Divisions
(MPD), and Personnel Automation Section (PAS) chiefs to update civilian education and
degree data for Soldiers.

3. Update all civilian education data for enlisted Soldiers in EMILPO.  Update bachelor or
lower degrees for warrant officers and officers in EMILPO.  Warrant officers and officers
will contact their assignment officer (AO) to update post-secondary (above bachelor level)
degree data, by submitting the official or copy of the official transcript.

4. EMILPO combined civilian degree and civilian education modules into one module.  
Update all data related to civilian education level before entering civilian degree data.

5. Civilian education data will indicate whether the Soldier is pursuing or has completed
a degree.

6. EMILPO will not allow a second degree in the Soldier’s record with the same major,
degree, and year awarded as an existing degree.

7. All data fields under civilian education are mandatory.

8. Civilian education entries of “unknown,” “other,” “no major,” and “no degree” are invalid
in EMILPO.  EMILPO will not allow you to save any education updates until all selections
have a valid entry.

a. S1/MPD - Update all civilian education data currently blank or designated as
“unknown,” “none,” “other,” “no major,” or “no degree” to a valid entry the next time a
Soldier updates his or her education record in EMILPO.

b. If the correct valid entry necessary to update a Soldier’s record is not available in a
selection list, submit a request to add a selectable item to

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Procedural Guidance to Update Civilian Education Information