Army Cut off scores
Army Resident Courses Valid for Promotion Points

Resident Military Education Yes/No List for promotion point status only.
Four promotion points per week (defined as 40 training hours).
As of 23 October 2019 Promotion Branch 502-613-9013

Resident Military Training - These are courses that Soldiers must be
registered for through ATRRS, physically sit in a classroom, and upon
completion be on the Soldier’s ATRRS transcript. The resident course
that the Soldier attended must match this Yes/No list. Computer Based
(online) training courses cannot be selected in eMILPO under resident
military training.

In accordance with Army Regulation 600-8-19 Paragraph 3-18,
Subparagraph b (1) DA Form 87 (Certificate of Training) will NOT
be used as a source document when updating military RESIDENT
training within eMILPO.

Code ----------- Name ----------------------------- Valid for promotion Y/N
AAA             ARMY WAR COLLEGE RES                                   N
AAB             ARMY WAR COLLEGE DEP                                   N
AAC             BASIC EW/CRYPT OFFICER                                 N
AAD             ECM OFFICER                                                       N
AAE             GEN EW/CRYPTO OFF                                          N
AAF             SIG SECURITY STF OFF                                        N
AAG            SIGNAL/INTEL STAFF OFF                                     N
AAH            ADV ID TECH OPERATOR                                       Y
AAI             COM ELEC WAR EQUIP OPS                                  N
AAJ             ARMY TACT ELE OPNS                                           Y
AAK            DIGITAL CONVERT PROG                                       Y
AAL            ASA INDOCTRINATION                                             Y
AAM           ARMY INTGR MAT SYS MGT                                    Y
AAN           TNG WITH INDUSTRY-EPA                                       Y
AAO           CYTOLOGY                                                               Y
AAP            EXEC ADMIN ASST CRS                                          Y
AAQ            SML GRP INSTR TRNG CRS                                   Y

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