Army Cut off scores
Rules for processing administrative records correction (Regular Army only)

Every month we get flooded with e-mails from Soldiers that turned in their promotion
documents such as PT or Weapons cards before the 8th of the month but they were never
updated by the S1 and now the Soldier has enough points to make cut off but their name
is not on the enlisted promotions by name list for SGT or SSG. Unfortunately, the regs are
not in your favor and there is very little that you can do to try to claim your rank.  

Rules for processing administrative records correction (Regular Army only)
Administrative records correction is a process aimed at achieving personnel and/or
training database accuracy used to establish SGT and SSG promotions. Administrative
records correction requests must be fully justified, signed by the promotion authority (LTC
or above), and sent to Commander,

U.S. Army Human Resources Command
(AHRC–PDV–PE), 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, Department 472, Fort Knox, KY
40122–5407, or email for
approval. All supporting documentation specific to the request must be included or the
request will be returned without action.

Requests due to system errors will be approved if the system error can be substantiated.
Soldiers may be eligible for a retroactive promotion under the administrative records
correction process if he or she would have made the DA promotion point cutoff score, but
was in a suspension of favorable personnel action status and he or she was exonerated,
the case was closed favorably, or removed as erroneously flagged/submitted, provided the
Soldier was otherwise qualified in accordance with paragraph 1–10.

Failure on behalf of the Soldier, unit, BN HR or HR specialist to update a Soldier’s record
(that is, APFT, weapons qualification, military or civilian education, awards), integrate a
Soldier onto the promotion recommendation list timely, or failure to remove a Flag is not
grounds for reconsideration under the administrative records correction process. If the BN
HR or HR specialist has problems with updating a Soldier’s PPW, immediately contact
HRC at the above email for assistance.
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