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The AGR Junior NCO Promotion system closely resembles the active component promotion process for Soldiers competing for
Sergeant and Staff Sergeant. The timeline for processing the promotion points to the Soldier's actual promotion (if the cutoff scores
are met) is board month plus 30 to 60 days. Another significant difference is the recording of the promotion points. For USAR AGR
Soldiers the promotion points are recorded on the hardcopy of the DA Form 3355 - Promotion Point Worksheet (United States Army
Reserve, dated January 2015). AGR cutoff scores, promotion selection name lists, and PRPL standing lists will be posted to the HRC
website between the 20th and 24th of each month.

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AGR SGT Promotion Selection Name List August 2018
AGR SGT PPRL (Standing List)
Unofficial DA Form 3355 Tool

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